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* 'upstream-linus' of git:// (48 commits)
  ocfs2: Avoid to evaluate xattr block flags again.
  ocfs2/cluster: Release debugfs file elapsed_time_in_ms
  ocfs2: Add a mount option "coherency=*" to handle cluster coherency for O_DIRECT writes.
  Initialize max_slots early
  When I tried to compile I got the following warning: fs/ocfs2/slot_map.c: In function ‘ocfs2_init_slot_info’: fs/ocfs2/slot_map.c:360: warning: ‘bytes’ may be used uninitialized in this function fs/ocfs2/slot_map.c:360: note: ‘bytes’ was declared here Compiler: gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) on Mandriva I'm not sure why this warning occurs, I think compiler don't know that variable "bytes" is initialized when it is sent by reference to ocfs2_slot_map_physical_size and it throws that ugly warning. However, a simple initialization of "bytes" variable with 0 will fix it.
  ocfs2: validate bg_free_bits_count after update
  ocfs2/cluster: Bump up dlm protocol to version 1.1
  ocfs2/cluster: Show per region heartbeat elapsed time
  ocfs2/cluster: Add mlogs for heartbeat up/down events
  ocfs2/cluster: Create debugfs dir/files for each region
  ocfs2/cluster: Create debugfs files for live, quorum and failed region bitmaps
  ocfs2/cluster: Maintain bitmap of failed regions
  ocfs2/cluster: Maintain bitmap of quorum regions
  ocfs2/cluster: Track bitmap of live heartbeat regions
  ocfs2/cluster: Track number of global heartbeat regions
  ocfs2/cluster: Maintain live node bitmap per heartbeat region
  ocfs2/cluster: Reorganize o2hb debugfs init
  ocfs2/cluster: Check slots for unconfigured live nodes
  ocfs2/cluster: Print messages when adding/removing nodes
  ocfs2/cluster: Print messages when adding/removing heartbeat regions