Merge tag 'trace-v6.4-rc6' of git://

Pull tracing fixes from Steven Rostedt:

 - Fix MAINTAINERS file to point to proper mailing list for rtla and rv

   The mailing list pointed to linux-trace-devel instead of
   linux-trace-kernel. The former is for the tracing libraries and the
   latter is for anything in the Linux kernel tree. The wrong mailing
   list was used because linux-trace-kernel did not exist when rtla and
   rv were created.

 - User events:

    - Fix matching of dynamic events to their user events

      When user writes to dynamic_events file, a lookup of the
      registered dynamic events is made, but there were some cases that
      a match could be incorrectly made.

    - Add auto cleanup of user events

      Have the user events automatically get removed when the last
      reference (file descriptor) is closed. This was asked for to
      prevent leaks of user events hanging around needing admins to
      clean them up.

    - Add persistent logic (but not let user space use it yet)

      In some cases, having a persistent user event (one that does not
      get cleaned up automatically) is useful. But there's still debates
      about how to expose this to user space. The infrastructure is
      added, but the API is not.

    - Update the selftests

      Update the user event selftests to reflect the above changes"

* tag 'trace-v6.4-rc6' of git://
  tracing/user_events: Document auto-cleanup and remove dyn_event refs
  selftests/user_events: Adapt dyn_test to non-persist events
  selftests/user_events: Ensure auto cleanup works as expected
  tracing/user_events: Add auto cleanup and future persist flag
  tracing/user_events: Track refcount consistently via put/get
  tracing/user_events: Store register flags on events
  tracing/user_events: Remove user_ns walk for groups
  selftests/user_events: Add perf self-test for empty arguments events
  selftests/user_events: Clear the events after perf self-test
  selftests/user_events: Add ftrace self-test for empty arguments events
  tracing/user_events: Fix the incorrect trace record for empty arguments events
  tracing: Modify print_fields() for fields output order
  tracing/user_events: Handle matching arguments that is null from dyn_events
  tracing/user_events: Prevent same name but different args event
  tracing/rv/rtla: Update MAINTAINERS file to point to proper mailing list