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Pull thermal management fixes from Zhang Rui:
 "These are fixes collected over the last week, they fixes several
  problems caused by the x86_pkg_temp_thermal introduced in 3.11-rc1.


   - the x86_pkg_temp_thermal driver causes crash on systems with no
     package MSR support as there is a bug in the logic to check
     presence of DTHERM and PTS feature together.  Added a change so
     that when there is no PTS support, module doesn't get loaded.

   - fix krealloc() misuse in pkg_temp_thermal_device_add().

     If krealloc() returns NULL, it doesn't free the original.  Thus if
     we want to exit because of the krealloc() failure, we must make
     sure the original one is freed.

   - The error code path of the x86 package temperature thermal driver's
     initialization routine makes an unbalanced call to
     get_online_cpus(), which causes subsequent CPU offline operations,
     and consequently system suspend, to permanently block in
     cpu_hotplug_begin() on systems where get_core_online() returns an
     error code.

     Remove the extra get_online_cpus() to fix the problem"

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