Merge branch 'for-3.11-fixes' of git://

Pull cgroup changes from Tejun Heo:
 "This contains two patches, both of which aren't fixes per-se but I
  think it'd be better to fast-track them.

  One removes bcache_subsys_id which was added without proper review
  through the block tree.  Fortunately, bcache cgroup code is
  unconditionally disabled, so this was never exposed to userland.  The
  cgroup subsys_id is removed.  Kent will remove the affected (disabled)
  code through bcache branch.

  The other simplifies task_group_path_from_hierarchy().  The function
  doesn't currently have in-kernel users but there are external code and
  development going on dependent on the function and making the function
  available for 3.11 would make things go smoother"

* 'for-3.11-fixes' of git://
  cgroup: replace task_cgroup_path_from_hierarchy() with task_cgroup_path()
  cgroup: remove bcache_subsys_id which got added stealthily