Merge tag 'mm-hotfixes-stable-2023-03-04-13-12' of git://

Pull misc fixes from Andrew Morton:
 "17 hotfixes.

  Eight are for MM and seven are for other parts of the kernel. Seven
  are cc:stable and eight address post-6.3 issues or were judged
  unsuitable for -stable backporting"

* tag 'mm-hotfixes-stable-2023-03-04-13-12' of git://
  mailmap: map Dikshita Agarwal's old address to his current one
  mailmap: map Vikash Garodia's old address to his current one
  fs/cramfs/inode.c: initialize file_ra_state
  fs: hfsplus: fix UAF issue in hfsplus_put_super
  panic: fix the panic_print NMI backtrace setting
  lib: parser: update documentation for match_NUMBER functions
  kasan, x86: don't rename memintrinsics in uninstrumented files
  kasan: test: fix test for new meminstrinsic instrumentation
  kasan: treat meminstrinsic as builtins in uninstrumented files
  kasan: emit different calls for instrumentable memintrinsics
  ocfs2: fix non-auto defrag path not working issue
  ocfs2: fix defrag path triggering jbd2 ASSERT
  mailmap: map Georgi Djakov's old Linaro address to his current one
  mm/hwpoison: convert TTU_IGNORE_HWPOISON to TTU_HWPOISON
  lib/zlib: DFLTCC deflate does not write all available bits for Z_NO_FLUSH
  mm/damon/paddr: fix missing folio_put()
  mm/mremap: fix dup_anon_vma() in vma_merge() case 4