Merge tag '6.3-rc-smb3-client-fixes-part2' of git://

Pull more cifs updates from Steve French:

 - xfstest generic/208 fix (memory leak)

 - minor netfs fix (to address smatch warning)

 - a DFS fix for stable

 - a reconnect race fix

 - two multichannel fixes

 - RDMA (smbdirect) fix

 - two additional writeback fixes from David

* tag '6.3-rc-smb3-client-fixes-part2' of git://
  cifs: Fix memory leak in direct I/O
  cifs: prevent data race in cifs_reconnect_tcon()
  cifs: improve checking of DFS links over STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_INVALID
  iov: Fix netfs_extract_user_to_sg()
  cifs: Fix cifs_write_back_from_locked_folio()
  cifs: reuse cifs_match_ipaddr for comparison of dstaddr too
  cifs: match even the scope id for ipv6 addresses
  cifs: Fix an uninitialised variable
  cifs: Add some missing xas_retry() calls