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# RapidIO configuration
source "drivers/rapidio/devices/Kconfig"
int "Discovery timeout duration (seconds)"
depends on RAPIDIO
default "30"
Amount of time a discovery node waits for a host to complete
enumeration before giving up.
bool "Enable RapidIO Input/Output Ports"
depends on RAPIDIO
The RapidIO specification describes a Output port transmit
enable and a Input port receive enable. The recommended state
for Input ports and Output ports should be disabled. When
this switch is set the RapidIO subsystem will enable all
ports for Input/Output direction to allow other traffic
than Maintenance transfers.
bool "RapidIO subsystem debug messages"
depends on RAPIDIO
Say Y here if you want the RapidIO subsystem to produce a bunch of
debug messages to the system log. Select this if you are having a
problem with the RapidIO subsystem and want to see more of what is
going on.
If you are unsure about this, say N here.
source "drivers/rapidio/switches/Kconfig"