Merge tag 'powerpc-4.12-4' of git://

Pull powerpc fixes from Michael Ellerman:
 "Fix running SPU programs on Cell, and a few other minor fixes.

  Thanks to Alistair Popple, Jeremy Kerr, Michael Neuling, Nicholas

* tag 'powerpc-4.12-4' of git://
  powerpc: Add PPC_FEATURE userspace bits for SCV and DARN instructions
  powerpc/spufs: Fix hash faults for kernel regions
  powerpc: Fix booting P9 hash with CONFIG_PPC_RADIX_MMU=N
  powerpc/powernv/npu-dma.c: Fix opal_npu_destroy_context() call
  selftests/powerpc: Fix TM resched DSCR test with some compilers