Merge branch '3.2-without-smb2' of git://

* '3.2-without-smb2' of git:// (52 commits)
  Fix build break when freezer not configured
  Add definition for share encryption
  CIFS: Make cifs_push_locks send as many locks at once as possible
  CIFS: Send as many mandatory unlock ranges at once as possible
  CIFS: Implement caching mechanism for posix brlocks
  CIFS: Implement caching mechanism for mandatory brlocks
  CIFS: Fix DFS handling in cifs_get_file_info
  CIFS: Fix error handling in cifs_readv_complete
  [CIFS] Fixup trivial checkpatch warning
  [CIFS] Show nostrictsync and noperm mount options in /proc/mounts
  cifs, freezer: add wait_event_freezekillable and have cifs use it
  cifs: allow cifs_max_pending to be readable under /sys/module/cifs/parameters
  cifs: tune bdi.ra_pages in accordance with the rsize
  cifs: allow for larger rsize= options and change defaults
  cifs: convert cifs_readpages to use async reads
  cifs: add cifs_async_readv
  cifs: fix protocol definition for READ_RSP
  cifs: add a callback function to receive the rest of the frame
  cifs: break out 3rd receive phase into separate function
  cifs: find mid earlier in receive codepath