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  DocBook/drm: Clean up a todo-note
  DocBook/drm: `device aware' -> `device-aware'
  DocBook/drm: `(device|driver) specific' -> `(device|driver)-specific'
  DocBook/drm: Clean up the paragraph on framebuffer objects
  DocBook/drm: Use `; otherwise,'
  DocBook/drm: Better flow with `, and then'
  DocBook/drm: Refer to the domain-setting function as a device-specific ioctl
  DocBook/drm: Improve flow of GPU/CPU coherence sentence
  DocBook/drm: Use an <itemizelist> for fundamental GEM operations
  DocBook/drm: Insert a comma
  DocBook/drm: Use a <variablelist> for vblank ioctls
  DocBook/drm: Use an itemizedlist for what an encoder needs to provide
  DocBook/drm: Insert `the' for readability, and change `set' to `setting'
  DocBook/drm: Remove extraneous commas
  DocBook/drm: Use a colon
  DocBook/drm: Clarify `final initialization' via better formatting
  DocBook/drm: Remove redundancy
  DocBook/drm: Insert `it' for smooth reading
  DocBook/drm: The word `so-called'; I do not think it connotes what you think it connotes
  DocBook/drm: Use a singular subject for grammatical cleanliness