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Firmware is required for this device:
While it is capable of managing/maintaining the ADSL connection without the
module loaded, the device will sometimes stop responding after unloading the
driver and it is necessary to unplug/remove power to the device to fix this.
Detected devices will appear as ATM devices named "cxacru". In /sys/class/atm/
these are directories named cxacruN where N is the device number. A symlink
named device points to the USB interface device's directory which contains
several sysfs attribute files for retrieving device statistics:
* adsl_controller_version
* adsl_headend
* adsl_headend_environment
Information about the remote headend.
* downstream_attenuation (dB)
* downstream_bits_per_frame
* downstream_rate (kbps)
* downstream_snr_margin (dB)
Downstream stats.
* upstream_attenuation (dB)
* upstream_bits_per_frame
* upstream_rate (kbps)
* upstream_snr_margin (dB)
* transmitter_power (dBm/Hz)
Upstream stats.
* downstream_crc_errors
* downstream_fec_errors
* downstream_hec_errors
* upstream_crc_errors
* upstream_fec_errors
* upstream_hec_errors
Error counts.
* line_startable
Indicates that ADSL support on the device
is/can be enabled, see adsl_start.
* line_status
"attempting to activate"
"channel analysis"
Changes between "down" and "attempting to activate"
if there is no signal.
* link_status
"not connected"
* mac_address
* modulation
"ANSI T1.413"
"ITU-T G.992.1 (G.DMT)"
"ITU-T G.992.2 (G.LITE)"
* startup_attempts
Count of total attempts to initialise ADSL.
To enable/disable ADSL, the following can be written to the adsl_state file:
"restart" (stops, waits 1.5s, then starts)
"poll" (used to resume status polling if it was disabled due to failure)
Changes in adsl/line state are reported via kernel log messages:
[4942145.150704] ATM dev 0: ADSL state: running
[4942243.663766] ATM dev 0: ADSL line: down
[4942249.665075] ATM dev 0: ADSL line: attempting to activate
[4942253.654954] ATM dev 0: ADSL line: training
[4942255.666387] ATM dev 0: ADSL line: channel analysis
[4942259.656262] ATM dev 0: ADSL line: exchange
[2635357.696901] ATM dev 0: ADSL line: up (8128 kb/s down | 832 kb/s up)