Merge branch 'ovs-tunnel-mtu'

David Wragg says:

Set a large MTU on ovs-created tunnel devices

Prior to 4.3, openvswitch tunnel vports (vxlan, gre and geneve) could
transmit vxlan packets of any size, constrained only by the ability to
send out the resulting packets.  4.3 introduced netdevs corresponding
to tunnel vports.  These netdevs have an MTU, which limits the size of
a packet that can be successfully encapsulated.  The default MTU
values are low (1500 or less), which is awkwardly small in the context
of physical networks supporting jumbo frames, and leads to a
conspicuous change in behaviour for userspace.

This patch series sets the MTU on openvswitch-created netdevs to be
the relevant maximum (i.e. the maximum IP packet size minus any
relevant overhead), effectively restoring the behaviour prior to 4.3.

Where relevant, the limits on MTU values that can be directly set on
the netdevs are also relaxed.

Changes in v2:
* Extend to all openvswitch tunnel types, i.e. gre and geneve as well

Changes in v3:
* Fix block comment style

Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>