ARC: mm: Introduce explicit super page size support

MMUv4 supports 2 concurrent page sizes: Normal and Super [4K to 16M]

So far Linux supported a single super page size for a given Normal page,
depending on the software page walking address split.
e.g. we had 11:8:13 address split for 8K page, which meant super page
was 2 ^(8+13) = 2M (given that THP size has to be PMD_SHIFT)

Now we turn this around, by allowing multiple Super Pages in Kconfig
(currently 2M and 16M only) and forcing page walker address split to

For configs without Super page, things are same as before and
PGDIR_SHIFT can be hacked to get non default address split

The motivation for this change is a customer who needs 16M super page
and a 8K Normal page combo.

Signed-off-by: Vineet Gupta <>
2 files changed