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/* Applied Micro X-Gene SoC Ethernet Driver
* Copyright (c) 2014, Applied Micro Circuits Corporation
* Authors: Iyappan Subramanian <>
* Ravi Patel <>
* Keyur Chudgar <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
* Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
* option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program. If not, see <>.
#ifndef __XGENE_ENET_MAIN_H__
#define __XGENE_ENET_MAIN_H__
#include <linux/acpi.h>
#include <linux/clk.h>
#include <linux/efi.h>
#include <linux/io.h>
#include <linux/of_platform.h>
#include <linux/of_net.h>
#include <linux/of_mdio.h>
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <net/ip.h>
#include <linux/prefetch.h>
#include <linux/if_vlan.h>
#include <linux/phy.h>
#include "xgene_enet_hw.h"
#include "xgene_enet_ring2.h"
#define XGENE_DRV_VERSION "v1.0"
#define XGENE_ENET_MAX_MTU 1536
#define BUFLEN_16K (16 * 1024)
#define NUM_PKT_BUF 64
#define NUM_BUFPOOL 32
#define MAX_EXP_BUFFS 256
#define XGENE_ENET_MSS 1448
#define START_CPU_BUFNUM_0 0
#define START_ETH_BUFNUM_0 2
#define START_BP_BUFNUM_0 0x22
#define START_RING_NUM_0 8
#define START_CPU_BUFNUM_1 12
#define START_ETH_BUFNUM_1 10
#define START_BP_BUFNUM_1 0x2A
#define START_RING_NUM_1 264
#define XG_START_CPU_BUFNUM_1 12
#define XG_START_BP_BUFNUM_1 0x22
#define XG_START_RING_NUM_1 264
#define X2_START_CPU_BUFNUM_0 0
#define X2_START_ETH_BUFNUM_0 0
#define X2_START_BP_BUFNUM_0 0x20
#define X2_START_RING_NUM_0 0
#define X2_START_CPU_BUFNUM_1 0xc
#define X2_START_ETH_BUFNUM_1 0
#define X2_START_BP_BUFNUM_1 0x20
#define X2_START_RING_NUM_1 256
#define IRQ_ID_SIZE 16
#define PHY_POLL_LINK_ON (10 * HZ)
enum xgene_enet_id {
/* software context of a descriptor ring */
struct xgene_enet_desc_ring {
struct net_device *ndev;
u16 id;
u16 num;
u16 head;
u16 tail;
u16 exp_buf_tail;
u16 slots;
u16 irq;
char irq_name[IRQ_ID_SIZE];
u32 size;
u32 state[X2_NUM_RING_CONFIG];
void __iomem *cmd_base;
void __iomem *cmd;
dma_addr_t dma;
dma_addr_t irq_mbox_dma;
void *irq_mbox_addr;
u16 dst_ring_num;
u8 nbufpool;
struct sk_buff *(*rx_skb);
struct sk_buff *(*cp_skb);
dma_addr_t *frag_dma_addr;
enum xgene_enet_ring_cfgsize cfgsize;
struct xgene_enet_desc_ring *cp_ring;
struct xgene_enet_desc_ring *buf_pool;
struct napi_struct napi;
union {
void *desc_addr;
struct xgene_enet_raw_desc *raw_desc;
struct xgene_enet_raw_desc16 *raw_desc16;
__le64 *exp_bufs;
struct xgene_mac_ops {
void (*init)(struct xgene_enet_pdata *pdata);
void (*reset)(struct xgene_enet_pdata *pdata);
void (*tx_enable)(struct xgene_enet_pdata *pdata);
void (*rx_enable)(struct xgene_enet_pdata *pdata);
void (*tx_disable)(struct xgene_enet_pdata *pdata);
void (*rx_disable)(struct xgene_enet_pdata *pdata);
void (*set_mac_addr)(struct xgene_enet_pdata *pdata);
void (*set_mss)(struct xgene_enet_pdata *pdata);
void (*link_state)(struct work_struct *work);
struct xgene_port_ops {
int (*reset)(struct xgene_enet_pdata *pdata);
void (*cle_bypass)(struct xgene_enet_pdata *pdata,
u32 dst_ring_num, u16 bufpool_id);
void (*shutdown)(struct xgene_enet_pdata *pdata);
struct xgene_ring_ops {
u8 num_ring_config;
u8 num_ring_id_shift;
struct xgene_enet_desc_ring * (*setup)(struct xgene_enet_desc_ring *);
void (*clear)(struct xgene_enet_desc_ring *);
void (*wr_cmd)(struct xgene_enet_desc_ring *, int);
u32 (*len)(struct xgene_enet_desc_ring *);
/* ethernet private data */
struct xgene_enet_pdata {
struct net_device *ndev;
struct mii_bus *mdio_bus;
struct phy_device *phy_dev;
int phy_speed;
struct clk *clk;
struct platform_device *pdev;
enum xgene_enet_id enet_id;
struct xgene_enet_desc_ring *tx_ring;
struct xgene_enet_desc_ring *rx_ring;
u16 tx_level;
u16 txc_level;
char *dev_name;
u32 rx_buff_cnt;
u32 tx_qcnt_hi;
u32 rx_irq;
u32 txc_irq;
u8 cq_cnt;
void __iomem *eth_csr_addr;
void __iomem *eth_ring_if_addr;
void __iomem *eth_diag_csr_addr;
void __iomem *mcx_mac_addr;
void __iomem *mcx_mac_csr_addr;
void __iomem *base_addr;
void __iomem *ring_csr_addr;
void __iomem *ring_cmd_addr;
int phy_mode;
enum xgene_enet_rm rm;
struct rtnl_link_stats64 stats;
const struct xgene_mac_ops *mac_ops;
const struct xgene_port_ops *port_ops;
struct xgene_ring_ops *ring_ops;
struct delayed_work link_work;
u32 port_id;
u8 cpu_bufnum;
u8 eth_bufnum;
u8 bp_bufnum;
u16 ring_num;
u32 mss;
u8 tx_delay;
u8 rx_delay;
struct xgene_indirect_ctl {
void __iomem *addr;
void __iomem *ctl;
void __iomem *cmd;
void __iomem *cmd_done;
/* Set the specified value into a bit-field defined by its starting position
* and length within a single u64.
static inline u64 xgene_enet_set_field_value(int pos, int len, u64 val)
return (val & ((1ULL << len) - 1)) << pos;
#define SET_VAL(field, val) \
xgene_enet_set_field_value(field ## _POS, field ## _LEN, val)
#define SET_BIT(field) \
xgene_enet_set_field_value(field ## _POS, 1, 1)
/* Get the value from a bit-field defined by its starting position
* and length within the specified u64.
static inline u64 xgene_enet_get_field_value(int pos, int len, u64 src)
return (src >> pos) & ((1ULL << len) - 1);
#define GET_VAL(field, src) \
xgene_enet_get_field_value(field ## _POS, field ## _LEN, src)
#define GET_BIT(field, src) \
xgene_enet_get_field_value(field ## _POS, 1, src)
static inline struct device *ndev_to_dev(struct net_device *ndev)
return ndev->dev.parent;
void xgene_enet_set_ethtool_ops(struct net_device *netdev);
#endif /* __XGENE_ENET_MAIN_H__ */