intel_th: Updates for v5.2

These are:
  * Support for software trace sinks
  * Interrupt handling, MSI support
  * Reworks in resource passing between glue layers and driver core
  * Reworks in buffer management code
  * Various small reworks in the MSU code
  * Support for window switching in MSU "multi" mode
  * A fix for the MSU "single" mode, backportable all the way to v4.4
  * A new "rtit" subdevice
intel_th: msu: Preserve pre-existing buffer configuration

The MSU configuration registers may contain buffer address/size set by
the BIOS or an external hardware debugger, which may want to take over
tracing from the driver when the driver is not actively tracing.

Preserve these settings when not actively tracing.

Signed-off-by: Alexander Shishkin <>
1 file changed