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* Header file for device driver Hi6421 PMIC
* Copyright (c) <2011-2014> HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd.
* Copyright (c) <2013-2014> Linaro Ltd.
* Author: Guodong Xu <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
#ifndef __HI6421_PMIC_H
#define __HI6421_PMIC_H
/* Hi6421 registers are mapped to memory bus in 4 bytes stride */
#define HI6421_REG_TO_BUS_ADDR(x) (x << 2)
/* Hi6421 maximum register number */
#define HI6421_REG_MAX 0xFF
/* Hi6421 OCP (over current protection) and DEB (debounce) control register */
#define HI6421_OCP_DEB_CTRL_REG HI6421_REG_TO_BUS_ADDR(0x51)
#define HI6421_OCP_DEB_SEL_MASK 0x0C
#define HI6421_OCP_DEB_SEL_8MS 0x00
#define HI6421_OCP_DEB_SEL_16MS 0x04
#define HI6421_OCP_DEB_SEL_32MS 0x08
#define HI6421_OCP_DEB_SEL_64MS 0x0C
#define HI6421_OCP_EN_DEBOUNCE_MASK 0x02
#define HI6421_OCP_EN_DEBOUNCE_ENABLE 0x02
#define HI6421_OCP_AUTO_STOP_MASK 0x01
#define HI6421_OCP_AUTO_STOP_ENABLE 0x01
struct hi6421_pmic {
struct regmap *regmap;
#endif /* __HI6421_PMIC_H */