Merge tag 'pm-4.7-rc6' of git://

Pull power management fixes from Rafael Wysocki:
 "Three cpufreq fixes, one in the core (stable-candidate) and two in
  drivers (intel_pstate and cpufreq-dt).


   - Fix a recent intel_pstate regression that caused the number of
     wakeups to increase significantly on an idle system in some cases
     due to excessive synchronize_sched() invocations (Rafael Wysocki).

   - Fix unnecessary invocations of WARN_ON() in the cpufreq core after
     cpufreq has been suspended introduced during the 4.6 cycla (Rafael

   - Fix an error code path in the cpufreq-dt-platdev driver that
     forgets to drop a reference to a DT node (Masahiro Yamada)"

* tag 'pm-4.7-rc6' of git://
  cpufreq: Avoid false-positive WARN_ON()s in cpufreq_update_policy()
  cpufreq: dt: call of_node_put() before error out
  intel_pstate: Do not clear utilization update hooks on policy changes