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# Makefile for the SysKonnect FDDI PCI adapter driver
obj-$(CONFIG_SKFP) += skfp.o
skfp-objs := skfddi.o hwmtm.o fplustm.o smt.o cfm.o \
ecm.o pcmplc.o pmf.o queue.o rmt.o \
smtdef.o smtinit.o smttimer.o srf.o hwt.o \
drvfbi.o ess.o
# Compiling this driver produces some warnings (and some more are
# switched off below), but I did not fix this, because the Hardware
# Module source (see skfddi.c for details) is used for different
# drivers, and fixing it for Linux might bring problems on other
# projects. To keep the source common for all those drivers (and
# thus simplify fixes to it), please do not clean it up!
ccflags-y := -DPCI -DMEM_MAPPED_IO -Wno-strict-prototypes