STM32 DT updates for v4.18, round 1

-MCU platforms updates:
 -Update pwm-cells for stm32h743
 -Add I2C support on stm32f7xx-disco boards and
  on stm32h743i-eval board
 -Add new stm32f469 dtsi file
 -Add display support on stm32f469-disco (LTDC/DSI)
  + pannel orisetech (otm8009a)

-MPU STM32MP157 platform updates:
 -Fix DTC (W=12) warnings
 -Fix IRQ type definition for usart
 -Add QSPI & NOR flash support on EV1 board
 -Add CEC support
 -Add USB host
 -Add USBPHYC support and enable it on EV1 board
 -Add LTDC and DSI support
 -Add I2C support and enable it on ED1 and EV1 boards
 -Add CRC support
 -Add RNG support
 -Add CRYP support
 -Add DAC support
 -Add LPTIMER support
 -Add VREFBUFF support
 -Add timers supports and enable timer trigger 6 on ED1 board
 -Add MDMA, DMA and DMAMUX support and enable it
 -Enable clock driver
ARM: dts: stm32: update pwm-cells for LPTimer on stm32h743

LPTimer pwm cells should be updated to 3, to allow initialization of
channel, period and polarity.

Signed-off-by: Fabrice Gasnier <>
Signed-off-by: Alexandre Torgue <>
1 file changed