Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into kvm-devel

* upstream/master: (5044 commits)
  fs/Makefile: Stupid typo breakage of exofs inclusion
  Remove stale "depends on NETDEV_1000"in staging drivers
  Blackfin: irq: remove IRQF_DISABLED
  params: make dashes and underscores in parameter names truly equal
  kmod: prevent kmod_loop_msg overflow in __request_module()
  md: Fix some bugs in recovery_disabled handling.
  Blackfin: boards: clean up i2c_board_info
  Blackfin: drop unused Kconfig symbol
  Blackfin: bf537-stamp: register ASoC EVAL-ADAU1373 board driver
  Blackfin: bf537-stamp: Register adav801 codec and ASoC machine driver
  Blackfin: bf537-stamp: register adau1701 codec and asoc machine driver
  Blackfin: merge asm/mutex.h into kbuild too
  Blackfin: bf537-stamp: fix ad73311 codec config macro
  Blackfin: bf537-stamp: fix ad1836 name
  Blackfin: kgdb_test: rework code to avoid -O0 usage
  Blackfin: fix sparse warnings in copy_to/from_user
  Blackfin: bf548-ezkit: update defconfig
  Blackfin: SMP: fix scheduling deadlock
  Blackfin: H8606: fixup bogus ioresource init
  Blackfin: SMP: convert to common asm-generic/atomic.h

Signed-off-by: Marcelo Tosatti <>