Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://

* 'for-linus' of git:// (34 commits)
  md: Fix some bugs in recovery_disabled handling.
  md/raid5: fix bug that could result in reads from a failed device.
  lib/raid6: Fix filename emitted in generated code
  md.c: trivial comment fix
  MD: Allow restarting an interrupted incremental recovery.
  md: clear In_sync bit on devices added to an active array.
  md: add proper write-congestion reporting to RAID1 and RAID10.
  md: rename "mdk_personality" to "md_personality"
  md/bitmap remove fault injection options.
  md/raid5: typedef removal: raid5_conf_t -> struct r5conf
  md/raid1: typedef removal: conf_t -> struct r1conf
  md/raid10: typedef removal: conf_t -> struct r10conf
  md/raid0: typedef removal: raid0_conf_t -> struct r0conf
  md/multipath: typedef removal: multipath_conf_t -> struct mpconf
  md/linear: typedef removal: linear_conf_t -> struct linear_conf
  md/faulty: remove typedef: conf_t -> struct faulty_conf
  md/linear: remove typedefs: dev_info_t -> struct dev_info
  md: remove typedefs: mirror_info_t -> struct mirror_info
  md: remove typedefs: r10bio_t -> struct r10bio and r1bio_t -> struct r1bio
  md: remove typedefs: mdk_thread_t -> struct md_thread