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* Copyright (C) 2018 Western Digital Corporation or its affiliates.
* This file is released under the GPL.
#ifndef FIO_ZBD_H
#define FIO_ZBD_H
#include <inttypes.h>
#include "fio.h" /* FIO_MAX_OPEN_ZBD_ZONES */
#include <linux/blkzoned.h>
struct fio_file;
* Zoned block device models.
enum blk_zoned_model {
ZBD_DM_NONE, /* Regular block device */
ZBD_DM_HOST_AWARE, /* Host-aware zoned block device */
ZBD_DM_HOST_MANAGED, /* Host-managed zoned block device */
enum io_u_action {
io_u_accept = 0,
io_u_eof = 1,
* struct fio_zone_info - information about a single ZBD zone
* @start: zone start location (bytes)
* @wp: zone write pointer location (bytes)
* @verify_block: number of blocks that have been verified for this zone
* @mutex: protects the modifiable members in this structure
* @type: zone type (BLK_ZONE_TYPE_*)
* @cond: zone state (BLK_ZONE_COND_*)
* @open: whether or not this zone is currently open. Only relevant if
* max_open_zones > 0.
* @reset_zone: whether or not this zone should be reset before writing to it
struct fio_zone_info {
pthread_mutex_t mutex;
uint64_t start;
uint64_t wp;
uint32_t verify_block;
enum blk_zone_type type:2;
enum blk_zone_cond cond:4;
unsigned int open:1;
unsigned int reset_zone:1;
* zoned_block_device_info - zoned block device characteristics
* @model: Device model.
* @mutex: Protects the modifiable members in this structure (refcount and
* num_open_zones).
* @zone_size: size of a single zone in units of 512 bytes
* @sectors_with_data: total size of data in all zones in units of 512 bytes
* @zone_size_log2: log2 of the zone size in bytes if it is a power of 2 or 0
* if the zone size is not a power of 2.
* @nr_zones: number of zones
* @refcount: number of fio files that share this structure
* @num_open_zones: number of open zones
* @write_cnt: Number of writes since the latest zone reset triggered by
* the zone_reset_frequency fio job parameter.
* @open_zones: zone numbers of open zones
* @zone_info: description of the individual zones
* Only devices for which all zones have the same size are supported.
* Note: if the capacity is not a multiple of the zone size then the last zone
* will be smaller than 'zone_size'.
struct zoned_block_device_info {
enum blk_zoned_model model;
pthread_mutex_t mutex;
uint64_t zone_size;
uint64_t sectors_with_data;
uint32_t zone_size_log2;
uint32_t nr_zones;
uint32_t refcount;
uint32_t num_open_zones;
uint32_t write_cnt;
uint32_t open_zones[FIO_MAX_OPEN_ZBD_ZONES];
struct fio_zone_info zone_info[0];
void zbd_free_zone_info(struct fio_file *f);
int zbd_init(struct thread_data *td);
void zbd_file_reset(struct thread_data *td, struct fio_file *f);
bool zbd_unaligned_write(int error_code);
enum io_u_action zbd_adjust_block(struct thread_data *td, struct io_u *io_u);
char *zbd_write_status(const struct thread_stat *ts);
static inline void zbd_free_zone_info(struct fio_file *f)
static inline int zbd_init(struct thread_data *td)
return 0;
static inline void zbd_file_reset(struct thread_data *td, struct fio_file *f)
static inline bool zbd_unaligned_write(int error_code)
return false;
static inline enum io_u_action zbd_adjust_block(struct thread_data *td,
struct io_u *io_u)
return io_u_accept;
static inline char *zbd_write_status(const struct thread_stat *ts)
return NULL;
#endif /* FIO_ZBD_H */