Merge tag 'firewire-fixes-6.8-final' of git://

Pull firewire fix from Takashi Sakamoto:
 "A fix to suppress a warning about unreleased IRQ for 1394 OHCI
  hardware when disabling MSI.

  In Linux kernel v6.5, a PCI driver for 1394 OHCI hardware was
  optimized into the managed device resources. Edmund Raile points out
  that the change brings the warning about unreleased IRQ at the call of
  pci_disable_msi(), since the API expects that the relevant IRQ has
  already been released in advance.

  As long as the API is called in .remove callback of PCI device
  operation, it is prohibited to maintain the IRQ as the part of managed
  device resource. As a workaround, the IRQ is explicitly released at
  .remove callback, before the call of pci_disable_msi().

  pci_disable_msi() is legacy API nowadays in PCI MSI implementation. I
  have a plan to replace it with the modern API in the development for
  the future version of Linux kernel. So at present I keep them as is"

* tag 'firewire-fixes-6.8-final' of git://
  firewire: ohci: prevent leak of left-over IRQ on unbind