This pull request contains the following notable changes:
- new tango NAND controller driver
- new ox820 NAND controller driver
- addition of a new full-ID entry in the nand_ids table
- rework of the s3c240 driver to support DT
- extension of the nand_sdr_timings to expose tCCS, tPROG and tR
- addition of a new flag to ask the core to wait for tCCS when sending
  a RNDIN/RNDOUT command
- addition of a new flag to ask the core to let the controller driver
  send the READ/PROGPAGE command

This pull request also contains minor fixes/cleanup/cosmetic changes:
- properly support 512 ECC step size in the sunxi driver
- improve the error messages in the pxa probe path
- fix module autoload in the omap2 driver
- cleanup of several nand drivers to return nand_scan{_tail}() error
  code instead of returning -EIO
- various cleanups in the denali driver
- cleanups in the ooblayout handling (MTD core)
- fix an error check in nandsim
mtd: nand: tango: Use nand_to_mtd() instead of directly accessing chip->mtd

The nand_to_mtd() helper is here to hide internal mtd_info <-> nand_chip
association and ease future refactors.

Make use of this helper instead of directly accessing chip->mtd.

Signed-off-by: Boris Brezillon <>
Acked-by: Marc Gonzalez <>
1 file changed