Merge tag 'staging-5.18-rc1' of git://

Pull staging driver updates from Greg KH:
 "Here is the big set of staging driver updates for 5.18-rc1.

  Loads of tiny cleanups for almost all staging drivers in here, nothing
  major at all. Highlights include:

   - remove the ashmem Android driver. It is long-dead and if there are
     any legacy userspace applications still using it, the Android
     kernel images will maintain it, the community shouldn't care about
     it anymore

   - wfx wifi driver major cleanups. Should be ready to merge out of
     staging soon, and will coordinate with the wifi maintainers after
     -rc1 is out

   - major cleanups and unwinding of the layers of the r8188eu driver.
     It's amazing just how many unneeded layers of abstraction is in
     there, just when we think it's done, another is found...

   - lots of tiny coding style cleanups in many other staging drivers.

  All have been in linux-next for a while with no reported problems"

* tag 'staging-5.18-rc1' of git:// (455 commits)
  staging: r8188eu: remove unnecessary memset in r8188eu
  staging: greybus: introduce pwm_ops::apply
  staging: rts5208: Resolve issues.
  staging: sm750fb: fix naming style
  staging: fbtft: Consider type of init sequence values in fbtft_init_display()
  staging: fbtft: Constify buf parameter in fbtft_dbg_hex()
  staging: mmal-vchiq: clear redundant item named bulk_scratch
  mips: dts: ralink: add MT7621 SoC
  staging: r8188eu: remove some unused local ieee80211 macros
  staging: r8188eu: make rtl8188e_process_phy_info static
  staging: r8188eu: remove unused function prototype
  staging: r8188eu: remove three unused receive defines
  staging: r8188eu: remove unnecessary initializations
  staging: rtl8192e: Fix spelling mistake "RESQUEST" -> "REQUEST"
  MAINTAINERS: remove the obsolete file entry for staging in ANDROID DRIVERS
  staging: r8188eu: proper error handling in rtw_init_drv_sw
  staging: r8188eu: call _cancel_timer_ex from _rtw_free_recv_priv
  staging: vt6656: Removed unused variable vt3342_vnt_threshold
  staging: vt6656: Removed unused variable bb_vga_0
  staging: remove ashmem