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* Samsung's I2C controller
The Samsung's I2C controller is used to interface with I2C devices.
Required properties:
- compatible: value should be either of the following.
(a) "samsung, s3c2410-i2c", for i2c compatible with s3c2410 i2c.
(b) "samsung, s3c2440-i2c", for i2c compatible with s3c2440 i2c.
- reg: physical base address of the controller and length of memory mapped
- interrupts: interrupt number to the cpu.
- samsung,i2c-sda-delay: Delay (in ns) applied to data line (SDA) edges.
- gpios: The order of the gpios should be the following: <SDA, SCL>.
The gpio specifier depends on the gpio controller.
Optional properties:
- samsung,i2c-slave-addr: Slave address in multi-master enviroment. If not
specified, default value is 0.
- samsung,i2c-max-bus-freq: Desired frequency in Hz of the bus. If not
specified, the default value in Hz is 100000.
i2c@13870000 {
compatible = "samsung,s3c2440-i2c";
reg = <0x13870000 0x100>;
interrupts = <345>;
samsung,i2c-sda-delay = <100>;
samsung,i2c-max-bus-freq = <100000>;
gpios = <&gpd1 2 0 /* SDA */
&gpd1 3 0 /* SCL */>;
#address-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <0>;
wm8994@1a {
compatible = "wlf,wm8994";
reg = <0x1a>;