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  [SCSI] Fix block queue and elevator memory leak in scsi_alloc_sdev
  [SCSI] scsi_dh_alua: Fix the time inteval for alua rtpg commands
  [SCSI] scsi_transport_iscsi: Fix documentation os parameter
  [SCSI] mv_sas: OCZ RevoDrive3 & zDrive R4 support
  [SCSI] libfc: improve flogi retries to avoid lport stuck
  [SCSI] libfc: avoid exchanges collision during lport reset
  [SCSI] libfc: fix checking FC_TYPE_BLS
  [SCSI] edd: Treat "XPRS" host bus type the same as "PCI"
  [SCSI] isci: overriding max_concurr_spinup oem parameter by max(oem, user)
  [SCSI] isci: revert bcn filtering
  [SCSI] isci: Fix hard reset timeout conditions.
  [SCSI] isci: No need to manage the pending reset bit on pending requests.
  [SCSI] isci: Remove redundant isci_request.ttype field.
  [SCSI] isci: Fix task management for SMP, SATA and on dev remove.
  [SCSI] isci: No task_done callbacks in error handler paths.
  [SCSI] isci: Handle task request timeouts correctly.
  [SCSI] isci: Fix tag leak in tasks and terminated requests.
  [SCSI] isci: Immediately fail I/O to removed devices.
  [SCSI] isci: Lookup device references through requests in completions.
  [SCSI] ipr: add definitions for additional adapter