Merge branch 'printk-cleanups'

Merge my system logging cleanups, triggered by the broken '\n' patches.

The line continuation handling has been broken basically forever, and
the code to handle the system log records was both confusing and
dubious.  And it would do entirely the wrong thing unless you always had
a terminating newline, partly because it couldn't actually see whether a
message was marked KERN_CONT or not (but partly because the LOG_CONT
handling in the recording code was rather confusing too).

This re-introduces a real semantically meaningful KERN_CONT, and fixes
the few places I noticed where it was missing.  There are probably more
missing cases, since KERN_CONT hasn't actually had any semantic meaning
for at least four years (other than the checkpatch meaning of "no log
level necessary, this is a continuation line").

This also allows the combination of KERN_CONT and a log level.  In that
case the log level will be ignored if the merging with a previous line
is successful, but if a new record is needed, that new record will now
get the right log level.

That also means that you can at least in theory combine KERN_CONT with
the "pr_info()" style helpers, although any use of pr_fmt() prefixing
would make that just result in a mess, of course (the prefix would end
up in the middle of a continuing line).

* printk-cleanups:
  printk: make reading the kernel log flush pending lines
  printk: re-organize log_output() to be more legible
  printk: split out core logging code into helper function
  printk: reinstate KERN_CONT for printing continuation lines