Merge tag 'ceph-for-4.9-rc1' of git://

Pull Ceph updates from Ilya Dryomov:
 "The big ticket item here is support for rbd exclusive-lock feature,
  with maintenance operations offloaded to userspace (Douglas Fuller,
  Mike Christie and myself). Another block device bullet is a series
  fixing up layering error paths (myself).

  On the filesystem side, we've got patches that improve our handling of
  buffered vs dio write races (Neil Brown) and a few assorted fixes from
  Zheng. Also included a couple of random cleanups and a minor CRUSH

* tag 'ceph-for-4.9-rc1' of git:// (39 commits)
  crush: remove redundant local variable
  crush: don't normalize input of crush_ln iteratively
  libceph: ceph_build_auth() doesn't need ceph_auth_build_hello()
  libceph: use CEPH_AUTH_UNKNOWN in ceph_auth_build_hello()
  ceph: fix description for rsize and rasize mount options
  rbd: use kmalloc_array() in rbd_header_from_disk()
  ceph: use list_move instead of list_del/list_add
  ceph: handle CEPH_SESSION_REJECT message
  ceph: avoid accessing / when mounting a subpath
  ceph: fix mandatory flock check
  ceph: remove warning when ceph_releasepage() is called on dirty page
  ceph: ignore error from invalidate_inode_pages2_range() in direct write
  ceph: fix error handling of start_read()
  rbd: add rbd_obj_request_error() helper
  rbd: img_data requests don't own their page array
  rbd: don't call rbd_osd_req_format_read() for !img_data requests
  rbd: rework rbd_img_obj_exists_submit() error paths
  rbd: don't crash or leak on errors in rbd_img_obj_parent_read_full_callback()
  rbd: move bumping img_request refcount into rbd_obj_request_submit()
  rbd: mark the original request as done if stat request fails