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Pull crypto updates from Herbert Xu:
 "Here is the crypto update for 4.9:

   - The crypto engine code now supports hashes.

   - Allow keys >= 2048 bits in FIPS mode for RSA.

   - Memory overwrite fix for vmx ghash.
   - Add support for building ARM sha1-neon in Thumb2 mode.
   - Reenable ARM ghash-ce code by adding import/export.
   - Reenable img-hash by adding import/export.
   - Add support for multiple cores in omap-aes.
   - Add little-endian support for sha1-powerpc.
   - Add Cavium HWRNG driver for ThunderX SoC"

* 'linus' of git:// (137 commits)
  crypto: caam - treat SGT address pointer as u64
  crypto: ccp - Make syslog errors human-readable
  crypto: ccp - clean up data structure
  crypto: vmx - Ensure ghash-generic is enabled
  crypto: testmgr - add guard to dst buffer for ahash_export
  crypto: caam - Unmap region obtained by of_iomap
  crypto: sha1-powerpc - little-endian support
  crypto: gcm - Fix IV buffer size in crypto_gcm_setkey
  crypto: vmx - Fix memory corruption caused by p8_ghash
  crypto: ghash-generic - move common definitions to a new header file
  crypto: caam - fix sg dump
  hwrng: omap - Only fail if pm_runtime_get_sync returns < 0
  crypto: omap-sham - shrink the internal buffer size
  crypto: omap-sham - add support for export/import
  crypto: omap-sham - convert driver logic to use sgs for data xmit
  crypto: omap-sham - change the DMA threshold value to a define
  crypto: omap-sham - add support functions for sg based data handling
  crypto: omap-sham - rename sgl to sgl_tmp for deprecation
  crypto: omap-sham - align algorithms on word offset
  crypto: omap-sham - add context export/import stubs