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Marvell Armada AP806 System Controller
The AP806 is one of the two core HW blocks of the Marvell Armada 7K/8K
SoCs. It contains system controllers, which provide several registers
giving access to numerous features: clocks, pin-muxing and many other
SoC configuration items. This DT binding allows to describe these
system controllers.
For the top level node:
- compatible: must be: "syscon", "simple-mfd";
- reg: register area of the AP806 system controller
The Device Tree node representing the AP806 system controller provides
a number of clocks:
- 0: clock of CPU cluster 0
- 1: clock of CPU cluster 1
- 2: fixed PLL at 1200 Mhz
- 3: MSS clock, derived from the fixed PLL
Required properties:
- compatible: must be: "marvell,ap806-clock"
- #clock-cells: must be set to 1
For common binding part and usage, refer to
Required properties:
- compatible must be "marvell,ap806-pinctrl",
Available mpp pins/groups and functions:
Note: brackets (x) are not part of the mpp name for marvell,function and given
only for more detailed description in this document.
name pins functions
mpp0 0 gpio, sdio(clk), spi0(clk)
mpp1 1 gpio, sdio(cmd), spi0(miso)
mpp2 2 gpio, sdio(d0), spi0(mosi)
mpp3 3 gpio, sdio(d1), spi0(cs0n)
mpp4 4 gpio, sdio(d2), i2c0(sda)
mpp5 5 gpio, sdio(d3), i2c0(sdk)
mpp6 6 gpio, sdio(ds)
mpp7 7 gpio, sdio(d4), uart1(rxd)
mpp8 8 gpio, sdio(d5), uart1(txd)
mpp9 9 gpio, sdio(d6), spi0(cs1n)
mpp10 10 gpio, sdio(d7)
mpp11 11 gpio, uart0(txd)
mpp12 12 gpio, sdio(pw_off), sdio(hw_rst)
mpp13 13 gpio
mpp14 14 gpio
mpp15 15 gpio
mpp16 16 gpio
mpp17 17 gpio
mpp18 18 gpio
mpp19 19 gpio, uart0(rxd), sdio(pw_off)
For common binding part and usage, refer to
Required properties:
- compatible: "marvell,armada-8k-gpio"
- offset: offset address inside the syscon block
ap_syscon: system-controller@6f4000 {
compatible = "syscon", "simple-mfd";
reg = <0x6f4000 0x1000>;
ap_clk: clock {
compatible = "marvell,ap806-clock";
#clock-cells = <1>;
ap_pinctrl: pinctrl {
compatible = "marvell,ap806-pinctrl";
ap_gpio: gpio {
compatible = "marvell,armada-8k-gpio";
offset = <0x1040>;
ngpios = <19>;
#gpio-cells = <2>;
gpio-ranges = <&ap_pinctrl 0 0 19>;
For common binding part and usage, refer to
The thermal IP can probe the temperature all around the processor. It
may feature several channels, each of them wired to one sensor.
It is possible to setup an overheat interrupt by giving at least one
critical point to any subnode of the thermal-zone node.
Required properties:
- compatible: must be one of:
* marvell,armada-ap806-thermal
- reg: register range associated with the thermal functions.
Optional properties:
- interrupts: overheat interrupt handle. Should point to line 18 of the
SEI irqchip. See interrupt-controller/interrupts.txt
- #thermal-sensor-cells: shall be <1> when thermal-zones subnodes refer
to this IP and represents the channel ID. There is one sensor per
channel. O refers to the thermal IP internal channel, while positive
IDs refer to each CPU.
ap_syscon1: system-controller@6f8000 {
compatible = "syscon", "simple-mfd";
reg = <0x6f8000 0x1000>;
ap_thermal: thermal-sensor@80 {
compatible = "marvell,armada-ap806-thermal";
reg = <0x80 0x10>;
interrupt-parent = <&sei>;
interrupts = <18>;
#thermal-sensor-cells = <1>;