Bluetooth kernel development tree

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  1. 15d8ce0 Bluetooth: le_simult_central_peripheral experimental feature by Alain Michaud · 4 hours ago master
  2. b83764f Bluetooth: Fix kernel oops triggered by hci_adv_monitors_clear() by Miao-chen Chou · 8 days ago
  3. 461f95f Bluetooth: btusb: USB alternate setting 1 for WBS by Hilda Wu · 7 days ago
  4. d4edda0 Bluetooth: use configured default params for active scans by Alain Michaud · 8 days ago
  5. 49b020c Bluetooth: Adding a configurable autoconnect timeout by Alain Michaud · 8 days ago
  6. 343ad39 dt-bindings: net: bluetooth: realtek: Fix uart-has-rtscts example by Martin Blumenstingl · 8 days ago
  7. b980d47 Bluetooth: btusb: Comment on unbalanced pm reference by Abhishek Pandit-Subedi · 12 days ago
  8. 5ea7c81 Bluetooth: btusb: Refactor of firmware download flow for Intel conrollers by Kiran K · 13 days ago
  9. 3a0377d Bluetooth: Don't restart scanning if paused by Abhishek Pandit-Subedi · 13 days ago
  10. 34a6865 Bluetooth: btusb: BTUSB_WAKEUP_DISABLE prevents wake by Abhishek Pandit-Subedi · 13 days ago
  11. 6933568 Bluetooth: btusb: Reset port on cmd timeout by Abhishek Pandit-Subedi · 13 days ago
  12. 737cd06 Bluetooth: btmtksdio: fix up firmware download sequence by Sean Wang · 3 weeks ago
  13. f645125 Bluetooth: btusb: fix up firmware download sequence by Sean Wang · 3 weeks ago
  14. f9c70bd Bluetooth: add a mutex lock to avoid UAF in do_enale_set by Lihong Kou · 2 weeks ago
  15. 8746f13 Bluetooth: Disconnect if E0 is used for Level 4 by Luiz Augusto von Dentz · 7 weeks ago
  16. 5cbd3eb Bluetooth: use configured params for ext adv by Alain Michaud · 2 weeks ago
  17. 3ca33e3 Bluetooth: Add hci_dev_lock to get/set device flags by Abhishek Pandit-Subedi · 3 weeks ago
  18. 46605a2 Bluetooth: mgmt: Use command complete on success for set system config by Marcel Holtmann · 3 weeks ago
  19. 76b1399 Bluetooth: Terminate the link if pairing is cancelled by Manish Mandlik · 3 weeks ago
  20. 8208f5a Bluetooth: Update background scan and report device based on advertisement monitors by Miao-chen Chou · 3 weeks ago