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  1. cd9d1a2 Merge branch 'mlxsw-Various-fixes' by David S. Miller · 8 days ago master
  2. 993107f mlxsw: spectrum_switchdev: Fix VLAN device deletion via ioctl by Ido Schimmel · 8 days ago
  3. da93d29 mlxsw: spectrum_router: Relax GRE decap matching check by Nir Dotan · 8 days ago
  4. f58a83c mlxsw: spectrum_switchdev: Avoid leaking FID's reference count by Ido Schimmel · 8 days ago
  5. 050fc01 mlxsw: spectrum_nve: Remove easily triggerable warnings by Ido Schimmel · 8 days ago
  6. ebaf39e ipv4: ipv6: netfilter: Adjust the frag mem limit when truesize changes by Jiri Wiesner · 9 days ago
  7. afd0a80 sctp: frag_point sanity check by Jakub Audykowicz · 10 days ago
  8. b2b7af8 tcp: fix NULL ref in tail loss probe by Yuchung Cheng · 9 days ago
  9. 4172754 tcp: Do not underestimate rwnd_limited by Eric Dumazet · 9 days ago
  10. e37d05a Merge git:// by David S. Miller · 9 days ago
  11. 22f6bbb net: use skb_list_del_init() to remove from RX sublists by Edward Cree · 10 days ago
  12. 64d4790 Merge tag 'mac80211-for-davem-2018-12-05' of git:// by David S. Miller · 9 days ago
  13. 312ca38 cfg80211: Fix busy loop regression in ieee80211_ie_split_ric() by Jouni Malinen · 9 days ago
  14. 990d718 mac80211: ignore NullFunc frames in the duplicate detection by Emmanuel Grumbach · 11 days ago
  15. 9ec1190 mac80211: fix reordering of buffered broadcast packets by Felix Fietkau · 2 weeks ago
  16. a317e65 mac80211: ignore tx status for PS stations in ieee80211_tx_status_ext by Felix Fietkau · 4 weeks ago
  17. 0fb628f net: mvpp2: fix phylink handling of invalid PHY modes by Baruch Siach · 10 days ago
  18. 01b3fd5 net: mvpp2: fix detection of 10G SFP modules by Baruch Siach · 10 days ago
  19. ecb239d ethernet: fman: fix wrong of_node_put() in probe function by Nicolas Saenz Julienne · 11 days ago
  20. 6888389 rtnetlink: ndo_dflt_fdb_dump() only work for ARPHRD_ETHER devices by Eric Dumazet · 10 days ago