Merge branch 'mpls-push-pop-fix'

Davide Caratti says:

net/sched: fix wrong behavior of MPLS push/pop action

this series contains two fixes for TC 'act_mpls', that try to address
two problems that can be observed configuring simple 'push' / 'pop'
- patch 1/2 avoids dropping non-MPLS packets that pass through the MPLS
  'pop' action.
- patch 2/2 fixes corruption of the L2 header that occurs when 'push'
  or 'pop' actions are configured in TC egress path.

v2: - change commit message in patch 1/2 to better describe that the
      patch impacts only TC, thanks to Simon Horman
    - fix missing documentation of 'mac_len' in patch 2/2

Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>