Merge tag 'for-linus' of git://

Pull rmda fixes from Doug Ledford.
 "First round of -rc fixes.

  Due to various issues, I've been away and couldn't send a pull request
  for about three weeks. There were a number of -rc patches that built
  up in the meantime (some where there already from the early -rc
  stages). Obviously, there were way too many to send now, so I tried to
  pare the list down to the more important patches for the -rc cycle.

  Most of the code has had plenty of soak time at the various vendor's
  testing setups, so I doubt there will be another -rc pull request this
  cycle. I also tried to limit the patches to those with smaller
  footprints, so even though a shortlog is longer than I would like, the
  actual diffstat is mostly very small with the exception of just three
  files that had more changes, and a couple files with pure removals.

   - Misc Intel hfi1 fixes
   - Misc Mellanox mlx4, mlx5, and rxe fixes
   - A couple cxgb4 fixes"

* tag 'for-linus' of git:// (34 commits)
  iw_cxgb4: invalidate the mr when posting a read_w_inv wr
  iw_cxgb4: set *bad_wr for post_send/post_recv errors
  IB/rxe: Update qp state for user query
  IB/rxe: Clear queue buffer when modifying QP to reset
  IB/rxe: Fix handling of erroneous WR
  IB/rxe: Fix kernel panic in UDP tunnel with GRO and RX checksum
  IB/mlx4: Fix create CQ error flow
  IB/mlx4: Check gid_index return value
  IB/mlx5: Fix NULL pointer dereference on debug print
  IB/mlx5: Fix fatal error dispatching
  IB/mlx5: Resolve soft lock on massive reg MRs
  IB/mlx5: Use cache line size to select CQE stride
  IB/mlx5: Validate requested RQT size
  IB/mlx5: Fix memory leak in query device
  IB/core: Avoid unsigned int overflow in sg_alloc_table
  IB/core: Add missing check for addr_resolve callback return value
  IB/core: Set routable RoCE gid type for ipv4/ipv6 networks
  IB/cm: Mark stale CM id's whenever the mad agent was unregistered
  IB/uverbs: Fix leak of XRC target QPs
  IB/hfi1: Remove incorrect IS_ERR check