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Pull networking fixes from David Miller:

 1) Fix two regressions in ipv6 route lookups, particularly wrt output
    interface specifications in the lookup key.  From David Ahern.

 2) Fix checks in ipv6 IPSEC tunnel pre-encap fragmentation, from
    Herbert Xu.

 3) Fix mis-advertisement of 1000BASE-T on bcm63xx_enet, from Simon

 4) Some smsc phys misbehave with energy detect mode enabled, so add a
    DT property and disable it on such switches.  From Heiko Schocher.

 5) Fix TSO corruption on TX in mv643xx_eth, from Philipp Kirchhofer.

 6) Fix regression added by removal of openvswitch vport stats, from
    James Morse.

 7) Vendor Kconfig options should be bool, not tristate, from Andreas

 8) Use non-_BH() net stats bump in tcp_xmit_probe_skb(), otherwise we
    barf during TCP REPAIR operations.

 9) Fix various bugs in openvswitch conntrack support, from Joe

10) Fix NETLINK_LIST_MEMBERSHIPS locking, from David Herrmann.

11) Don't have VSOCK do sock_put() in interrupt context, from Jorgen

12) Fix skb_realloc_headroom() failures properly in ISDN, from Karsten

13) Add some device IDs to qmi_wwan, from Bjorn Mork.

14) Fix ovs egress tunnel information when using lwtunnel devices, from
    Pravin B Shelar.

15) Add missing NETIF_F_FRAGLIST to macvtab feature list, from Jason

16) Fix incorrect handling of throw routes when the result of the throw
    cannot find a match, from Xin Long.

17) Protect ipv6 MTU calculations from wrap-around, from Hannes Frederic

18) Fix failed autonegotiation on KSZ9031 micrel PHYs, from Nathan

19) Add missing memory barries in descriptor accesses or xgbe driver,
    from Thomas Lendacky.

20) Fix release conditon test in pppoe_release(), from Guillaume Nault.

21) Fix gianfar bugs wrt filter configuration, from Claudiu Manoil.

22) Fix violations of RX buffer alignment in sh_eth driver, from Sergei

23) Fixing missing of_node_put() calls in various places around the
    networking, from Julia Lawall.

24) Fix incorrect leaf now walking in ipv4 routing tree, from Alexander

25) RDS doesn't check pskb_pull()/pskb_trim() return values, from
    Sowmini Varadhan.

26) Fix VLAN configuration in mlx4 driver, from Jack Morgenstein.

* git:// (79 commits)
  ipv6: protect mtu calculation of wrap-around and infinite loop by rounding issues
  Revert "Merge branch 'ipv6-overflow-arith'"
  net/mlx4: Copy/set only sizeof struct mlx4_eqe bytes
  net/mlx4_en: Explicitly set no vlan tags in WQE ctrl segment when no vlan is present
  vhost: fix performance on LE hosts
  bpf: sample: define aarch64 specific registers
  amd-xgbe: Fix race between access of desc and desc index
  RDS-TCP: Recover correctly from pskb_pull()/pksb_trim() failure in rds_tcp_data_recv
  forcedeth: fix unilateral interrupt disabling in netpoll path
  openvswitch: Fix skb leak using IPv6 defrag
  ipv6: Export nf_ct_frag6_consume_orig()
  openvswitch: Fix double-free on ip_defrag() errors
  fib_trie: leaf_walk_rcu should not compute key if key is less than pn->key
  net: mv643xx_eth: add missing of_node_put
  ath6kl: add missing of_node_put
  net: phy: mdio: add missing of_node_put
  netdev/phy: add missing of_node_put
  net: netcp: add missing of_node_put
  net: thunderx: add missing of_node_put
  ipv6: gre: support SIT encapsulation