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Pull networking fixes from David Miller:

 1) Fix off by one wrt. indexing when dumping /proc/net/route entries,
    from Alexander Duyck.

 2) Fix lockdep splats in iwlwifi, from Johannes Berg.

 3) Cure panic when inserting certain netfilter rules when NFT_SET_HASH
    is disabled, from Liping Zhang.

 4) Memory leak when nft_expr_clone() fails, also from Liping Zhang.

 5) Disable UFO when path will apply IPSEC tranformations, from Jakub

 6) Don't bogusly double cwnd in dctcp module, from Florian Westphal.

 7) skb_checksum_help() should never actually use the value "0" for the
    resulting checksum, that has a special meaning, use CSUM_MANGLED_0
    instead. From Eric Dumazet.

 8) Per-tx/rx queue statistic strings are wrong in qed driver, fix from
    Yuval MIntz.

 9) Fix SCTP reference counting of associations and transports in
    sctp_diag. From Xin Long.

10) When we hit ip6tunnel_xmit() we could have come from an ipv4 path in
    a previous layer or similar, so explicitly clear the ipv6 control
    block in the skb. From Eli Cooper.

11) Fix bogus sleeping inside of inet_wait_for_connect(), from WANG

12) Correct deivce ID of T6 adapter in cxgb4 driver, from Hariprasad

13) Fix potential access past the end of the skb page frag array in
    tcp_sendmsg(). From Eric Dumazet.

14) 'skb' can legitimately be NULL in inet{,6}_exact_dif_match(). Fix
    from David Ahern.

15) Don't return an error in tcp_sendmsg() if we wronte any bytes
    successfully, from Eric Dumazet.

16) Extraneous unlocks in netlink_diag_dump(), we removed the locking
    but forgot to purge these unlock calls. From Eric Dumazet.

17) Fix memory leak in error path of __genl_register_family(). We leak
    the attrbuf, from WANG Cong.

18) cgroupstats netlink policy table is mis-sized, from WANG Cong.

19) Several XDP bug fixes in mlx5, from Saeed Mahameed.

20) Fix several device refcount leaks in network drivers, from Johan

21) icmp6_send() should use skb dst device not skb->dev to determine L3
    routing domain. From David Ahern.

22) ip_vs_genl_family sets maxattr incorrectly, from WANG Cong.

23) We leak new macvlan port in some cases of maclan_common_netlink()
    errors. Fix from Gao Feng.

24) Similar to the icmp6_send() fix, icmp_route_lookup() should
    determine L3 routing domain using skb_dst(skb)->dev not skb->dev.
    Also from David Ahern.

25) Several fixes for route offloading and FIB notification handling in
    mlxsw driver, from Jiri Pirko.

26) Properly cap __skb_flow_dissect()'s return value, from Eric Dumazet.

27) Fix long standing regression in ipv4 redirect handling, wrt.
    validating the new neighbour's reachability. From Stephen Suryaputra

28) If sk_filter() trims the packet excessively, handle it reasonably in
    tcp input instead of exploding. From Eric Dumazet.

29) Fix handling of napi hash state when copying channels in sfc driver,
    from Bert Kenward.

* git:// (121 commits)
  mlxsw: spectrum_router: Flush FIB tables during fini
  net: stmmac: Fix lack of link transition for fixed PHYs
  sctp: change sk state only when it has assocs in sctp_shutdown
  bnx2: Wait for in-flight DMA to complete at probe stage
  Revert "bnx2: Reset device during driver initialization"
  ps3_gelic: fix spelling mistake in debug message
  net: ethernet: ixp4xx_eth: fix spelling mistake in debug message
  ibmvnic: Fix size of debugfs name buffer
  ibmvnic: Unmap ibmvnic_statistics structure
  sfc: clear napi_hash state when copying channels
  mlxsw: spectrum_router: Correctly dump neighbour activity
  mlxsw: spectrum: Fix refcount bug on span entries
  bnxt_en: Fix VF virtual link state.
  bnxt_en: Fix ring arithmetic in bnxt_setup_tc().
  Revert "include/uapi/linux/atm_zatm.h: include linux/time.h"
  tcp: take care of truncations done by sk_filter()
  ipv4: use new_gw for redirect neigh lookup
  r8152: Fix error path in open function
  net: bpqether.h: remove if_ether.h guard
  net: __skb_flow_dissect() must cap its return value