net: revert partially applied PHY topology series

The series is causing issues with PHY drivers built as modules.
Since it was only partially applied and the merge window has
opened let's revert and try again for v6.11.

Revert 6916e461e793 ("net: phy: Introduce ethernet link topology representation")
Revert 0ec5ed6c130e ("net: sfp: pass the phy_device when disconnecting an sfp module's PHY")
Revert e75e4e074c44 ("net: phy: add helpers to handle sfp phy connect/disconnect")
Revert fdd353965b52 ("net: sfp: Add helper to return the SFP bus name")
Revert 841942bc6212 ("net: ethtool: Allow passing a phy index for some commands")

Signed-off-by: Jakub Kicinski <>
22 files changed