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This package contains Linux man pages for sections 1 through 8. Some
more information is given in the 'man-pages-x.y.Announce' file.
For information about the Linux man-pages project, see
Bug reports and contributing
If you have corrections and additions to suggest, see
(Although there is a mirror of this repository on GitHub,
please don't report issues via the GitHub issue tracker!)
For further information on contributing, see the CONTRIBUTING file.
Installing and uninstalling
"make install" will copy these man pages to /usr/share/man/man[1-8].
To install to a path different from /usr, use
"make install prefix=/install/path".
"make remove" or "make uninstall" will remove any man page in this
distribution from its destination. Use with caution, and remember to
use "prefix" if desired, as with the "install" target.
"make" or "make all" will perform "make uninstall" followed by "make
See the 'man-pages-x.y.Announce' file.