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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
# Copyright (c) 2000-2002 Silicon Graphics, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
# Functions useful for xfs_repair tests
# set values for off/len variables provided by db
eval `_scratch_xfs_db -r -c "$struct" -c stack | perl -ne '
if (/byte offset (\d+), length (\d+)/) {
print "offset=$1\nlength=$2\n"; exit
if [ -z "$offset" -o -z "$length" ]; then
echo "cannot calculate offset ($offset) or length ($length)"
length=`expr $length / 512`
$here/src/devzero -v $value -b 1 -n $length -o $offset $SCRATCH_DEV \
| perl -npe 's/\d\.\d\dKb/X.XXKb/g'
perl -ne '
# for sb
/- agno = / && next; # remove each AG line (variable number)
s/(pointer to) (\d+)/\1 INO/;
# Changed inode output in 5.5.0
s/sb root inode value /sb root inode /;
s/realtime bitmap inode value /realtime bitmap inode /;
s/realtime summary inode value /realtime summary inode /;
s/ino pointer to /inode pointer to /;
s/(sb root inode) (\d+)( \(NULLFSINO\))?/\1 INO/;
s/(realtime bitmap inode) (\d+)( \(NULLFSINO\))?/\1 INO/;
s/(realtime summary inode) (\d+)( \(NULLFSINO\))?/\1 INO/;
s/(inconsistent with calculated value) (\d+)/\1 INO/;
s/\.+(found)/\1/g; # remove "searching" output
# for agf + agi
s/(bad length -{0,1}\d+ for ag. 0, should be) (\d+)/\1 LENGTH/;
s/(bad length # -{0,1}\d+ for ag. 0, should be) (\d+)/\1 LENGTH/;
s/(bad agbno) (\d+)/\1 AGBNO/g;
s/(max =) (\d+)/\1 MAX/g;
s/(bad levels) (\d+) (for [a-z]* root, agno) (\d+)/\1 LEVELS \3 AGNO/;
# for root inos
s/(on inode) (\d+)/\1 INO/g;
s/(imap claims a free inode) (\d+)/\1 INO/;
s/(imap claims in-use inode) (\d+)/\1 INO/;
s/(cleared root inode) (\d+)/\1 INO/;
s/(resetting inode) (\d+)/\1 INO/;
s/(disconnected dir inode) (\d+)/\1 INO/;
# for log
s/internal log/<TYPEOF> log/g;
s/external log on \S+/<TYPEOF> log/g;
# realtime subvol - remove this whole line if it appears
s/ - generate realtime summary info and bitmap...\n//g;
# new xfs repair output filters
s/\s+- creating \d+ worker thread\(s\)\n//g;
s/\s+- reporting progress in intervals of \d+ minutes\n//g;
s/\s+- \d+:\d\d:\d\d:.*\n//g;
# 3.1.0 extra accounting output
/^agf_/ && next; # remove agf counts
/^agi_/ && next; # remove agi counts
/^sb_/ && next; # remove sb counts
/^agi unlinked/ && next; # remove agi unlinked bucket warning
# crc enabled filesystem output
/^bad uuid/ && next;
/^Metadata corruption detected/ && next;
/^Metadata CRC error detected/ && next;
/^agfl has bad CRC/ && next;
/^bad CRC for inode/ && next;
# finobt enabled filesystem output
s/(inode chunk) (\d+)\/(\d+)/AGNO\/INO/;
# sunit/swidth reset messages
s/^(Note - .*) were copied.*/\1 fields have been reset./;
s/^(Please) reset (with .*) if necessary/\1 set \2/;
# remove new unlinked inode test
/^bad next_unlinked/ && next;
# And make them generic so we dont depend on geometry
s/(stripe unit) \(.*\) (and width) \(.*\)/\1 (SU) \2 (SW)/;
# corrupt sb messages
s/(superblock) (\d+)/\1 AGNO/;
s/(AG \#)(\d+)/\1AGNO/;
s/(reset bad sb for ag) (\d+)/\1 AGNO/;
s/(unknown block state, ag )(\d+)(, blocks? )(\d+)/\1AGNO\3AGBNO/;
/^Note - quota info will be regenerated on next quota mount.$/ && next;
# Filter out unknown block state messages that appear when rmap is enabled
# and we erase a btree root pointer (such that repair never finds the
# tree and fails to reconcile the metadata reverse mappings against the
# metadata).
_filter_repair_lostblocks() {
_filter_repair | sed -e '/unknown block state, ag AGNO, blocks* AGBNO/d'
fgrep -v records # lose records in/out lines
# do some controlled corrupting & ensure repair recovers us
#ensure the filesystem has been dirtied since last repair
dd if=/bin/bash of=$SCRATCH_MNT/sh 2>&1 |_filter_dd
rm -f $SCRATCH_MNT/sh
_zero_position $value "$structure"
_scratch_xfs_repair 2>&1 | _filter_repair
# some basic sanity checks...
_scratch_mount #mount
dd if=/bin/bash of=$SCRATCH_MNT/sh 2>&1 |_filter_dd #open,write
dd if=$SCRATCH_MNT/sh of=/dev/null 2>&1 |_filter_dd #read
rm -f $SCRATCH_MNT/sh #unlink
_scratch_unmount #umount
# make sure this script returns success