common: allow to run all tests on idmapped mounts

In addition to the generic and filesystem-specific idmapped mount
testsuites that already exist upstream today add simple infrastructure
so any test can be run on idmapped mounts simply by setting
IDMAPPED_MOUNTS=true in the config file or section. The main user for
now will be overlay to verify it works correctly on idmapped mounts.

Note that the infrastructure is completely generic so every filesystem that
supports idmapped mounts can simply run all of their tests idmapped. But
note that not all ways to create a mount have been converted yet. That
includes e.g. _dmthin_mount and direct calls to _mount in various tests.

In addition, there will be corner-cases. For example, xfs doesn't allow
bulkstat on idmapped mounts because it is a filesystem wide operation,
i.e. you can retrieve information for any inode in the filesystem so the
operation cannot be scoped reasonably under a single mount. So xfstests
testing bulkstat will fail as it's blocked. Similar for some btrfs

While we could of course restrict this testmode to -overlay for which we
know things work correctly we should not do this. It would mean that
people won't start using it and so we won't see issues unless someone
sits down and goes through more than 1000 tests and figures out for each
individual one whether it needs to be skipped or not.

So instead allow this mode but for all filesystems so people can start
running and reporting failures and we can fix them up or block them as
we detect them.

Cc: Amir Goldstein <>
Cc: Eryu Guan <>
Cc: Christoph Hellwig <>
Cc: <>
Signed-off-by: Christian Brauner (Microsoft) <>
/* v2 */

/* v3 */
- Amir Goldstein <>:
  - Add more detailed explanation about the current state and
    expectations of the newly added IDMAPPED_MOUNTS support.

/* v4 */
- Amir Goldstein <>:
  - Document new IDMAPPED_MOUNTS env variable in README and add an
    [idmapped] section to README.overlay.
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