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Quick guide to auto-qa dxm 04/10/2000
______________________ ______________
- pick/create a user to run auto-qa and check they
can use ptools to check out of the tree
- add your host to xfstests/common/config and check this file in
OR create a local.config file in your xfstests directory
- make a directory "$HOME/qa"
- make a kernel workarea "$HOME/qa/2.4.x-xfs" for 2.4.x-xfs
and a commands workarea "$HOME/qa/xfs-cmds" for xfs-cmds
(easiest to copy them from elsewhere)
- copy an appropriate .config file to
- You'll need a hacked version of 'su' in $HOME/qa that
lets your user su to root/root without a password
(if you want to run from cron, it mustn't require
/dev/tty). Warning - this is a massive security
- chown root.root $HOME/qa/su
- chmod 6755 $HOME/qa/su
- add the soon to be kernel to /etc/lilo.conf
append = "console=ttyS0,38400n8"
- $HOME/qa/auto-qa init
At this point, the script should update the workarea, clean it,
rebuild it, install it and reboot.
Then run
- $HOME/qa/auto-qa restarted
And the tests should happen... and all pass, of course.
To get it going automagically:
- add some lines to the appropriate user's crontab:
0 4 * * * $HOME/qa/auto-qa cron-init
30 4 * * * $HOME/qa/auto-qa cron-restarted
- if MODULAR=1 in auto-qa the XFS filesystem is expected to
be a module; if MODULAR=0 it should be built into
the kernel.
- the test device is cleaned at the start of the QA run
(to stop nightly QA being stuffed up if someone
leaves the device inconsistant etc)
- I'm using a hacked su because PCP sudo won't set the
gid properly, and normal linux su won't run
without a tty even if PAM is switched off.
- The QA is restarted after reboot by a second cron entry
to avoid the test being able to get itself into
some stupid loop and so that it's always started
by the appropriate user. You might have to make
the second cron run later if your build takes ages.
- Point the email addresses somewhere appropriate
- When run in "cron-init" or "init" states, the script
will p_tupdate itself and restart. If you start
with an empty source tree, you'll need to check
out the xfstests/tools/auto-qa script before it'll
work (duh).
good luck.