Release of cpufrequtils-006

Claudio Eduardo (1):
      i18n: update Portuguese translation

Dominik Brodowski (20):
      stat bugfix
      Do not build/install cpufreq-bench by default
      libcpufreq: add support for related_cpus
      cpufreq-info: add support for related_cpus
      i18n: language improvement, update German translation
      libcpufreq: add support for transition_latency
      cpufreq-info: add support for transition_latency
      i18n: update German translation
      copyright update
      Add check for fgets() return value
      cpufreq-set: add support for related_cpus
      i18n: update German translation
      cpufreq-set: bugfix for -f, cleanups
      cpufreq-set: further cleanup
      cpufreq-set: further cleanup to main()
      cpufreq-set: further cleanup to main() #2
      cpufreq-set: further cleanup to main() #3
      i18n updates
      aperf: Add check for fgets() return value

Mattia Dongili (2):
      i18n: update Italian translation
      i18n: update Italian translation

Olivier Blin (1):
      fix parallel build of ccdv in cpufrequtils

Thomas Renninger (12):
      Introduce cpufreq micro benchmark
      Introduce cpufreq-aperf
      cpufreq-bench: Add cpufrequtils lib dir to default headers
      cpufreq-bench: Print calculation info after the calculations have been done
      cpufreq-bench: Fix installation of bench README - enhance the README file
      cpufreq-bench: Don't fail if the output dir does not exist, but try to create it
      cpufreq-bench: Add ability to pass a default config file via compile parameter
      cpufreq-bench: Remove unnecessary arguments check and allow no arguments
      cpufreq-bench: Set default log directory to /var/log/cpufreq-bench
      cpufreq-bench: Reduce output, only print details in verbose mode
      cpufreq-bench: Implement a percentage progress bar if we log into a file
      cpufreq-bench: Add plot helper scripts

Signed-off-by: Dominik Brodowski <>
1 file changed