Merge tag 'perf-tools-fixes-for-v6.0-2022-09-21' of git://

Pull perf tools fixes from Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo:

 - Fix polling of system-wide events related to mixing per-cpu and
   per-thread events.

 - Do not check if /proc/modules is unchanged when copying /proc/kcore,
   that doesn't get in the way of post processing analysis.

 - Include program header in ELF files generated for JIT files, so that
   they can be opened by tools using elfutils libraries.

 - Enter namespaces when synthesizing build-ids.

 - Fix some bugs related to a recent cpu_map overhaul where we should be
   using an index and not the cpu number.

 - Fix BPF program ELF section name, using the naming expected by libbpf
   when using BPF counters in 'perf stat'.

 - Add a new test for perf stat cgroup BPF counter.

 - Adjust check on 'perf test wp' for older kernels, where the
   PERF_EVENT_IOC_MODIFY_ATTRIBUTES ioctl isn't supported.

 - Sync x86 cpufeatures with the kernel sources, no changes in tooling.

* tag 'perf-tools-fixes-for-v6.0-2022-09-21' of git://
  perf tools: Honor namespace when synthesizing build-ids
  tools headers cpufeatures: Sync with the kernel sources
  perf kcore_copy: Do not check /proc/modules is unchanged
  libperf evlist: Fix polling of system-wide events
  perf record: Fix cpu mask bit setting for mixed mmaps
  perf test: Skip wp modify test on old kernels
  perf jit: Include program header in ELF files
  perf test: Add a new test for perf stat cgroup BPF counter
  perf stat: Use evsel->core.cpus to iterate cpus in BPF cgroup counters
  perf stat: Fix cpu map index in bperf cgroup code
  perf stat: Fix BPF program section name