Release of pcmciautils-013

Dominik Brodowski (9):
      whitespace cleanups
      check-broken-cis: endless loop
      updated runtime powermanagement handling
      add .gitignore
      add "lspcmcia"
      pccardctl: return error values from low-level functions
      pccardctl: don't break lspcmcia if /sys/class/*/*/device is removed
      pccardctl: libintl.h isn't needed
      Release of pcmciautils-013 (2006-03-26)

Komuro (2):
      fix typo (doc)
      fix typo (Makefile)
Release of pcmciautils-013 (2006-03-26)

Signed-off-by: Dominik Brodowski <>
1 file changed
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