Release of pcmciautils-018

Colin Watson (1):
      Don't link pcmcia-check-broken-cis against libsysfs

Dominik Brodowski (5):
      gitignore update
      lspcmcia: print out card resource configuration
      src: coding style bugfixes
      Makefile: allow command-line overrides

Jirka Klimes (1):
      pccardctl: fix segmentation fault on unknown long option

Wolfram Sang (7):
      Makefile: add short help target
      Makefile: let plain 'make' be like 'make all' again
      lex: disable unused options
      read-cis: fix type-punning pointers
      read-cis: Remove the now pointless macros
      read-cis: Remove a forward declaration and some whitespaces
      pccardctl: remove superfluous check

Signed-off-by: Dominik Brodowski <>
1 file changed
tree: aa30dd955b5918c1c9c9f13ef12b52cdcdecd4db
  1. build/
  2. config/
  3. debug/
  4. doc/
  5. hotplug/
  6. man/
  7. src/
  8. udev/
  9. .gitignore
  11. Makefile