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menu "Kernel hacking"
def_bool y
source "lib/Kconfig.debug"
def_bool y
prompt "Filter access to /dev/mem"
This option restricts access to /dev/mem. If this option is
disabled, you allow userspace access to all memory, including
kernel and userspace memory. Accidental memory access is likely
to be disastrous.
Memory access is required for experts who want to debug the kernel.
If you are unsure, say Y.
def_bool n
prompt "Strict user copy size checks"
Enabling this option turns a certain set of sanity checks for user
copy operations into compile time warnings.
The copy_from_user() etc checks are there to help test if there
are sufficient security checks on the length argument of
the copy operation, by having gcc prove that the argument is
within bounds.
If unsure, or if you run an older (pre 4.4) gcc, say N.
config S390_PTDUMP
bool "Export kernel pagetable layout to userspace via debugfs"
depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
select DEBUG_FS
Say Y here if you want to show the kernel pagetable layout in a
debugfs file. This information is only useful for kernel developers
who are working in architecture specific areas of the kernel.
It is probably not a good idea to enable this feature in a production
If in doubt, say "N"
def_bool y
depends on MODULES