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Pull networking fixes from David Miller:

 1) Fix erroneous netfilter drop of SIP packets generated by some Cisco
    phones, from Patrick McHardy.

 2) Fix netfilter IPSET refcounting in list_set_add(), from Jozsef

 3) Fix TCP syncookies route lookup key, we don't use the same values we
    would use for the usual SYN receive processing, from Dmitry Popov.

 4) Fix NULL deref in bond_slave_netdev_event(), from Nikolay

 5) When bonding enslave fails, we can forget to clear the IFF_BONDING
    bit, fix also from Nikolay Aleksandrov.

 6) skb->csum_start is 16-bits, which is almost always just fine.  But
    if we reallocate the headroom of an SKB this can push the
    skb->csum_start value outside of it's valid range.  This can easily
    happen when collapsing multiple SKBs from the retransmit queue

    Fix from Thomas Graf.

 7) Fix NULL deref in be2net driver due to missing check of
    __vlan_put_tag() return value, from Ivan Vecera.

 8) tun_set_iff() returns zero instead of error code on failure, fix
    from Wei Yongjun.

 9) Like GARP, 802 MRP needs to hold the app->lock when adding MAD
    events and queueing PDUs.  Fix from David Ward.

10) Build fix, MVMDIO needs PHYLIB, from Thomas Petazzoni..

11) Fix mac80211 static with ipv6 modular build, from Cong Wang.

12) If userland specifies a path cost explicitly, do not override it
    when the carrier state changes.  From Stephen Hemminger.

13) mvnets calculates the TX queue to use incorrectly resulting in
    garbage pointer derefs and crashes, fix from Willy Tarreau.

14) cdc_mbim does erroneous sizeof(ETH_HLEN).  Fix from Bjorn Mork.

15) IP fragmentation can leak a refcount-less route out from an RCU
    protected section.  This results in crashes and all sorts of hard to
    diagnose behavior.  Fix from Eric Dumazet.

* git:// (24 commits)
  qlcnic: fix beaconing test for 82xx adapter
  net: drop dst before queueing fragments
  net: fec: fix regression in link change accounting
  net: cdc_mbim: remove bogus sizeof()
  drivers: net: ethernet: cpsw: get slave VLAN id from slave node instead of cpsw node
  net: mvneta: fix improper tx queue usage in mvneta_tx()
  esp4: fix error return code in esp_output()
  bridge: make user modified path cost sticky
  ipv6: statically link register_inet6addr_notifier()
  net: mvmdio: add select PHYLIB
  net/802/mrp: fix possible race condition when calling mrp_pdu_queue()
  tuntap: fix error return code in tun_set_iff()
  be2net: take care of __vlan_put_tag return value
  can: sja1000: fix handling on dt properties on little endian systems
  can: mcp251x: add missing IRQF_ONESHOT to request_threaded_irq
  netfilter: nf_nat: fix race when unloading protocol modules
  tcp: Reallocate headroom if it would overflow csum_start
  stmmac: prevent interrupt loop with MMC RX IPC Counter
  bonding: IFF_BONDING is not stripped on enslave failure
  bonding: fix netdev event NULL pointer dereference