Merge tag 'powerpc-6.4-2' of git://

Pull powerpc fixes from Michael Ellerman:

 - Fix broken soft dirty tracking when using the Radix MMU (>= P9)

 - Fix ISA mapping when "ranges" property is not present, for PASemi
   Nemo boards

 - Fix a possible WARN_ON_ONCE hitting in BPF extable handling

 - Fix incorrect DMA address handling when using 2MB TCEs

 - Fix a bug in IOMMU table handling for SR-IOV devices

 - Fix the recent rework of IOMMU handling which left arch code calling
   clean up routines that are handled by the IOMMU core

 - A few assorted build fixes

Thanks to Christian Zigotzky, Dan Horák, Gaurav Batra, Hari Bathini,
Jason Gunthorpe, Nathan Chancellor, Naveen N. Rao, Nicholas Piggin, Pali
Rohár, Randy Dunlap, and Rob Herring.

* tag 'powerpc-6.4-2' of git://
  powerpc/iommu: Incorrect DDW Table is referenced for SR-IOV device
  powerpc/iommu: DMA address offset is incorrectly calculated with 2MB TCEs
  powerpc/iommu: Remove iommu_del_device()
  powerpc/crypto: Fix aes-gcm-p10 build when VSX=n
  powerpc/bpf: populate extable entries only during the last pass
  powerpc/boot: Disable power10 features after BOOTAFLAGS assignment
  powerpc/64s/radix: Fix soft dirty tracking
  powerpc/fsl_uli1575: fix kconfig warnings and build errors
  powerpc/isa-bridge: Fix ISA mapping when "ranges" is not present