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#ifndef __LINUX_I2C_TSC2007_H
#define __LINUX_I2C_TSC2007_H
/* linux/i2c/tsc2007.h */
struct tsc2007_platform_data {
u16 model; /* 2007. */
u16 x_plate_ohms; /* must be non-zero value */
u16 max_rt; /* max. resistance above which samples are ignored */
unsigned long poll_delay; /* delay (in ms) after pen-down event
before polling starts */
unsigned long poll_period; /* time (in ms) between samples */
int fuzzx; /* fuzz factor for X, Y and pressure axes */
int fuzzy;
int fuzzz;
int (*get_pendown_state)(void);
void (*clear_penirq)(void); /* If needed, clear 2nd level
interrupt source */
int (*init_platform_hw)(void);
void (*exit_platform_hw)(void);